Practice Makes Perfect

May 4, 2015

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Sitting and watching my daughter’s swim team reminds me how important repetition is in our lives. Muscle memory is fundamental in sports like swimming and ballet. If you miss a day of practice, you spend the next three practices catching up. Surgery is no different.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Research has shown time and again that surgical repetition improves outcomes. A surgeon who performs four of the same surgeries a week develops a vastly superior skill set compared to a surgeon who performs four of those same surgeries a year. When you are seeking the best surgeon, look for someone who is a specialist and regularly performs the specific surgery you need. You would never bring your car to a repair shop that only repaired brakes a few times a year. Your body’s care is no different.

Questions for Your Surgeon

Seeking an experienced surgeon is especially important when dealing with specialized surgeries, such as microsurgery, laparoscopy and reconstruction. Ask your prospective surgeon:

  • How often do you perform this surgery?
  • How many of these surgeries have you performed in your career?
  • What have been the outcomes of your patients?
  • What are the complication rates?

If the surgeon doesn’t know this information, is easily offended or evasive, proceed with caution. Don’t be afraid to seek a second opinion.

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